Street Lights

  • Simple way to share faith on the streets.
  • Uses a marked New Testament and a 3x5 card to record blessings shared by an interested person on the streets.
  • Low pressure approach, only spirit led encounters.
  • One hour on station with a sharing partner.
  • Only 30 minutes of training and preparation required.
  • No scripture memorization required.
  • Go on any public sidewalk.

"Would you like an encouraging word from the Word today?

Please read the highlighted verses.

Was that an encouragement to you?

Would you like to read one more?"

"In these verses, note the need to offer thankgiving with prayer in order to have the peace that passes all understanding.

Can you think of any things to be thankful to God for today?"

Write them down and offer them the testament and card.  Ask if they are a born again believer.  If they want to be, share the plan. No pressure applied here!

Matt. 6:31-33

Phil. 4:4-7